Rescue greyhound

Patricia has been invaluable in helping us to settle in our rescue greyhound. We are first time dog owners and Patricia has taught us how to form a good relationship with our dog from the outset. She has also been enormously helpful when we've had specific issues with our dog such as separation anxiety, sleep issues and socialisation. Always on the other end of the phone, Patricia has given us thorough, sensible, expert advice that has yielded immediate results. We can't thank her enough for her support. We would highly recommend Patricia.

Antiguan street dog

I met Patricia at a difficult time in my life, I lost my 16 year old doberman, Bugsy, and had gained an Antiguan street Dog, locally known as a ‘Wadadli’ called Ralph. Ralph was always a very nervous dog, he’d not had a great start in life, and when Bugsy passed away he became scared of his own shadow. Life reached a point when I feared I was living with a wild untamed animal and wondered if I’d done the right thing in bringing Ralph to what I thought was a better life for him. I met Patricia at a very desperate time , all my prayers were answered ! Ralph and I started ‘the leadership program’ and within a few weeks I started to notice the difference. It’s still early days , but the change in Ralph is massive and I can only put that down to Patricia’s expertise, experience , and knowledge. I followed her guidance and stuck with the ‘leadership program’ and it’s most definitely working! Thank you Patricia, for staying in constant touch and holding my hand all the way through x Highly recommend to anyone that has an extreme case of fear aggression , don’t give up, call Patricia !

Zoom session – ShihTzu aggression

I had two Zoom sessions with Patricia, my dog Beau had become reactive to strange male dogs whist out on our walks, ever since my female dog had gone into season. Patricia was really knowledgeable and gave me the tools and advice to put an action plan in place. With a few small adjustments to our routine Beau went back to his normal happy self on our walks. I’m so happy that he is now happy! Our walks are now fun for both of us. He is far calmer and I feel more capable to read a situation and make a judgment call based on the canine body language skills Patricia taught me. Thanks so much for all your help!


Cockerpoo puppy Zoom session

We had a zoom session last week and got some really helpful tips for living with our puppy and helping her grow happily. We have a 10 week old cockapoo. Would highly recommend Patricia. We have never had a puppy before and she gave us tips to deal with nipping, eating stones and so on!


Spaniel Zoom session

I used Patricia via a Zoom session a few months ago. She was great then so I did not hesitate to contact her again for help with another issue with my cocker spaniel. I had a Zoom session yesterday morning and as expected Patricia had prepared well what she wanted to cover to make best use of the time and was full of helpful advice. I have already seen positive changes in my dog after implementing her suggestions. Patricia will remain my go-to for any doggy advice and being able to use Zoom makes it so convenient. Thank you Patricia!


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Sophia Severn

Problems presented: Jumping up, mounting, chasing and nipping.

I cannot recommend Patrica enough!!!! We have a 6 month old Frenchie who quite frankly, we were at our wits end with. He jumped up at us, was biting (out of over-excitement) and had no concept of recall but with the help of Be More Dog in a 2 hour session, we were given the tools and advice to teach our dog. In under a week, I can confidently walk my dog without a lead and give him commands that he understands. Patrica knows what she’s talking about and most definitely gives sound advice.

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C Williams

Problems presented: Reactivity to dogs, nervous rescue.

Patricia from Be More Dog has been amazing in rehabilitating our 9 year old Rescue Dog who was extremely Dog Reactive (had a dislike to other dogs). We could see from the start, the love and passion Patricia has for dogs. With her help and positive based training, we are now able to mingle and take walks with other dogs thanks to the advice and guidance given during our 1-2-1 sessions. Now our furry friend has become a well rounded, confident and happy dog. We can't thank Patricia (and Buddy and Luna of course!) enough for her dedication and comes highly recommended.

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Mrs C

Problems presented: Fear aggression, nervousness.

We were wary and felt as though we had a different dog in the house, this was very hard on the family but your knowledge and approach were excellent, and helped us get our dog back! He is more responsive and understands who is in charge, he responds to commands a lot better and is more relaxed, it was very helpful advice”.

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Jess Shepherd

Problems presented: Separation anxiety, toilet, aggression to dogs, bullying.

When I reached out to Patricia I was really struggling with my 4 year old and 1 year old pugs. They were going through a stage of not sleeping through the night and toileting in the house, they both have separation anxiety and the younger pug had additional issues such as: dominance/bullying over the older dog, lunging at cars when walking, dreadful lead walking in general, aggression towards other dogs etc. We had tried group training classes but it only seemed to make things worse. Patricia worked with us over a series of sessions, to help us better understand the underlying issues causing the ‘bad behaviours’ of both dogs with noticeable improvements after day 1. We now understand their behaviour and body language so much better and are working on a plan to help their separation anxiety and our youngest’s fear of cars and other dogs which is the underlying issue behind what we thought was just disobedience and aggression. I am pleased to say that the nighttime issues were solved within one week, and the bullyish behaviour and toileting corrected. Patricia also provided recommendations on food which has changed their general health/weight/teeth which has been invaluable. Patricia has helped us significantly, we would highly recommend her and her services. Thank you so much Patricia! Jess, James, Doug and Dolly

5 year old Cavachon
5 year old Cavachon

Patricia came to my house yesterday to see my Cavachon who’s five. He barked at people walking past our fence, would only walk HIS WAY when out, and was over protective of me. Within 2 hrs of Patricia’s guidance he is a changed dog. Now listens to commands and walks behind me where I want to go. This woman is incredible, very professional and knows her job. Would highly recommend her. And it’s never to late for your dog no matter what age they are.

Hollie Spooner – Cockerpoo mum
For a couple of months now me and my partner have wanted to get a little bit of help with some dominance issues we had with our cockapoo 9 month old boy Lenny - he is such an amazing lovely boy but we were a little embarrassed to ask for help thinking we could nip it in the bud ourselves however we bit the bullet & my god I’m so glad we did. After 2 hours with Patricia my dog is a new dog, we have lots of homework to do and new behaviours as owners to learn ourselves but we are so happy already within 2 hours so many improvements! & lead walking .. well Lenny was walking us! But after 5 minutes of lead walking with Patricia knowing the techniques and what to do… he is a new dog and a pleasure to walk! Anyone who is thinking do I / don’t I get some help - please do from one dog owner to another I’m so happy we did it was worth every penny 😊 thank you Patricia xx
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Mr & Mrs K

Problems presented: Recall, scaling fences

“We were very distressed as she ran off on a few occasions on walks and escaped by jumping the fence. Since the consultation she has not scaled the fence and is responding to commands very well. We are able to maintain her attention. Your advice was very positive and encouraging, we learned a lot about training and the detailed report is very useful to refer to if we need to check strategies”.

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A Taylor

We would highly recommend Patricia and Be More Dog. So far we’ve had two sessions with Patricia to help counter some challenging behaviour in our cockapoo puppy Lottie. Patricia’s insights, suggestions and training techniques have been truly fantastic. It is evident that Patricia has a wealth of knowledge and experience and really understands dog psychology and behaviour. Patricia took the time to observe Lottie in her home environment and listened carefully to the challenges we were facing around biting, recall and aggression before explaining potential triggers for this behaviour and demonstrating methods and exercises we could use to improve her behaviour. The results are really starting to show and I am positive that all dogs and their owners could benefit from Patricia’s insight and guidance. Patricia really is fabulous and are delighted to have found her.

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N Brooks
N Brooks

I can't rate Patricia highly enough. She helped us with our rescue dog, Penny, who had started chasing joggers and cyclists and had actually nipped one cyclist after catching up with him . She came to see us at home, as well as on walks and gave us strategies and steps to put in place as well as supporting us throughout. Before we saw Patricia we were at our wits end, had resorting to using a muzzle when letting Penny off the lead and had actually stopped enjoying dog walks. Penny has now completely stopped chasing and is also a much calmer dog at home. Patricia is so passionate and knowledgeable about dogs and gave us the confidence to start enjoying our walks again. She is amazing!!!

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Had a two hour session today, absolutely fantastic results. I also feel a lot more confident. I would highly recommend using Be More Dog.

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Trisha has been helping us with our two Bichon Frise, we’ve only had a couple of sessions and have noticed a great improvement already, fantastic thanks Trisha x

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Just had one 2 hour session and my Doberman puppy has learnt so much already . 10/10 will recommend to anyone so much that I’m already booked in more sessions.

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Patricia is brilliant, she is a real life dog whisperer. Patricia has an amazing understanding of dog psychology and has really helped us to view the world through our puppy’s eyes and understand her behaviour. After a few sessions with Patricia we have seen vast improvements in recall, walking to heel and general good manners. Patricia is friendly, non-judgmental and provided great practical advice enabling us to communicate more effectively with our puppy and help her develop into a well behaved adult dog. We would strongly encourage all dog owners to use Patricia’s consultation services.

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We just had our first session with Patricia, who was helping us with our big German shepherd puppy Chi Chi. Chi Chi has been relentlessly pulling since we started walking her and we had no techniques left to try and were feeling rather helpless. Within minutes of Patricia being here, we saw huge improvements in Chi Chi, and have been shown a tailor made technique that suits her needs and works perfectly at preventing her from pulling on the lead. Patricia made us feel so comfortable and was completely non-judgemental. We instantly felt at ease. She has a super relaxed yet professional, no nonsense approach. By the end of the session Chi Chi was walking nice and calmly on a loose lead, and we felt a sigh of relief. Highly recommend her to anyone that needs some behavioural assistance.

She is wonder woman.