My name is Patricia McGrady. I absolutely adore dogs and I am fascinated by their psychology, body language and how they function. This curiosity has inspired me to develop my own method of working with dogs. I also believe it is kindest to view the world through the eyes of the dog and this enables us to reach a deeper understanding and level of trust. I like to communicate in their language by focusing largely on signals through body language and leadership. This is very effective in getting your dog to understand what you want and leads to a healthy, happy bond between dog and owner.

The route to helping a dog with behavioural problems is through its owner. I will work with you, working around your capabilities, to find the best way to overcome the issues you are having with your dog, permanently. I offer practical, useful advice in a language that you can understand and work with. My advice is friendly and non-judgemental, so whatever problems you are experiencing you can be assured to feel at ease and comfortable during the consultation. I want what is best for dog and owner together as a unit.

I am an Associate Member of the CFBA (Canine and Feline Behaviour Association) and I studied with the CIDBT (Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour & Training). I hold a Higher Certificate in Professional Canine Behaviour which is approved by the Kennel Club. I am qualified in dog first aid and fully insured. I have completed The Forgotten Language of the Dog course with the Wolf and Dog Development Centre. In December 2021 I qualified as a WEBB (Whole Energy Body Balance) Practitioner.  I intend incorporate WEBB into my work with aggressive and anxious dogs and also offer 1:1 WEBB treatments. I have completed the Kachina Canine course by Dr Isla Fishburn and I am an approved Kids Around Dogs professional which means I can help people with Cynophobia. 

The journey of learning and understanding dogs never ends and I will always continue to attend courses and seminars to further develop my knowledge. I am particularly interested in diet and new medical and scientific research and where appropriate, bring this into my training.

The key to a balanced, well behaved dog is communicating in a way they understand, and that means we have to Be More Dog!